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WordPress Security

Website Security

Hackers Out Forever

Hire a Professional

Website Security Services

Cybersecurity protection is not an option

Website Security 1 Time Payment

Maintenance Not Included

Our Services for 1-time payment is $250 and it is a complete setup for your site it grantee hackers out when hackers see your firewall and IP-only login they are not going to waste their time hanging around your site they will just move on to other easier sites. in this package, maintenance service is not included

Website Security & Maintenance

Security Maintenance is important because the software is always updating and </> codes are always changing like your mobile phone is always security updating so ensuring that your site is running at full capacity Our Services for Monthly maintenance fee is $60 per month in this package your site must be set-up by us.

9 Most Common Attacks on WordPress Websites

Hackers out programs

Services for Security setup

Our Wp Security Services Will Lock Down the WordPress Security vulnerabilities

Statistics show that almost one out of every six WordPress-powered sites are vulnerable to attacks. More than half a million WordPress sites were compromised by attackers in 2021. Common web hosting providers are the most prominent targets for hackers 

Hackers usually use brute-force attacks such as guessing usernames and passwords, trying generic passwords, using password generator tools, social engineering/ phishing emails, links, etc. The websites at a higher risk of such hacks are ones that: … Do not enforce strong passwords.

With a dedicated WordPress security team behind it, our platform’s enterprise-grade technology automates threat detection to block 72M attacks daily while keeping your website vulnerabilities up to date. Want to find out more? let’s talk,

Website Security Service

Regular backups

This Regular backup is a Monthly plan, the maintenance fee is $60 per month never had to worry about your site

Custom login page

Keep hackers at bay with an optional custom login page. By hiding your login page with a custom URL

malware scans

Malware attacks can put your customers’ data and your website at risk, and it’s something we take seriously

Free Firewall

The Cloudflare Web Application Firewall is a WAF that will provide automatic protection for your website

Security Headers

Browsers can make it harder to exploit client-side vulnerabilities such as Cross-Site Scripting or Clickjacking.

Free Cloudflare SSL

Maintain your customer trust Improve search rank secure communication between a browser and a server

Plugins and themes

Security audit on your plugins and themes, ensuring they are safe & secure, reduces WordPress security issues

Manually Coding

Coding is required for the Themes and Plugins that you are using to make sure your website does not conflicts with the setting

Why Website Security is Very Important? 

Keeping Your Business Looking Good.

A hacked WordPress site can cause serious damage to your business’s revenue and reputation. Hackers can steal user information, and passwords, install malicious software, and can even distribute malware to your users.

As technology changes, it becomes increasingly challenging for businesses of all types to keep their personal and customer information on the web secure.

Website Security is important to keep hackers and cyber thieves from accessing sensitive information.  Without a proactive security strategy, businesses risk the spread and escalation of malware, and attacks on other websites, networks, and other IT infrastructures. If a hacker is successful, attacks can spread from computer to computer, making it difficult to find the origin.

Set-Up Fee $300 – Monthly Maintenance Fee $60 (Optional)

Hire a Professional | *Money-Back Guarantee*

Fix WordPress vulnerabilities